Jay Speights



In the Talmud it says, “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers grow, grow.”  This quote speaks directly to how we choose to live our lives and manifest what we want in life.

Choices and options in life are numerous. We have to choose from among them every day. My father used to always say that ‘life is Like traveling down a highway towards an ultimate goal or destination, with many off ramps along the way offering viable alternatives seemingly as interesting or fulfilling.” Then he would say, “It’s easy to get sidetracked son, so choose wisely.

Choosing wisely is the key. What is a wise choice? How do we make them? How do we evaluate what is there on those off ramps along the highway? Is it possible that one may offer a better option? I think it is possible that there may be something equal to, or better than what our ultimate destination has to offer.

We all try to make good decisions based on the information we have and what we think is best. I also believe like the blade of grass, we too have our angels or even the voice of the Creator constantly whispering and guiding us about our everyday decisions. The Creator wants us to make the right choices and to exercise our divine right to determine our destiny or where we want to go in life. There is a choice, a far better and ultimate choice or destination that leads us to our highest perfection, which is what the Creator has intended. The off ramps may offer good stuff…but offer nothing in comparison to what the Creator has planned.

So, how do know or hear or recognize the whispers of the angels or Creator guiding us and whispering to us which direction to take. As you know not all inner wisdom and guidance comes from the right source. Discernment is needed to know or recognize Divine guidance.

We have what you call spiritual eyes or ears that enable you to perceive the things of Spirit or the Divine. Your spiritual eyes and ears must be in a constant state of attunement. Attunement is very important. It is the result of disciplined daily spiritual practice and leads to Higher Self Connection, where you can hear the voices of angels and the Creator constantly exhorting and whispering messages of inspiration and guidance.

This Higher Self Connection, results from the fusing of the three aspects of our being, mind, body and soul. By conjoining these three aspects through prayer, meditation and movement, we can enter a higher more spiritual state. All three aspects are working together or in a state of congruence.  You may ask why movement is included. Simply put our bodies have to be stress free and relaxed.

The final thing I want you to consider in discerning and receiving Divine guidance is listening. The point here is that one has to recognize when he or she is connected to the Higher Self and receiving guidance. I firmly believe that the Creator speaks to us almost every waking moment of the day in many different ways. Divine urgings and messages can come from just about anyone, including a fleeting contact on the street, a co-worker, a loved one, and, of course, guiding angels and the Creator. If you have a strong daily spiritual practice and those spiritual eyes and ears are open, you will hear them.

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