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In my new book 7 Days With Adam, controlling your destiny is a major theme. As divine beings we have immense inner power.  If we choose, we can rise and step into each day driven by the Will of our own spirit and put both feet into a reality of our choice and making. Each day should be spent ordering, building and enhancing the world we have created for ourselves. Yes, we define our reality.

You may ask how can you order your day or proceed with manifesting your truth, if you begin each morning by stepping into the reality of this fast-paced, digitized, hurried, noise-polluted and connected world. It is difficult, but if you are not attuned and not using your spiritual resources, your truth will never manifest because you are driven by the imperatives of a reality not of your making.

There are four spiritual resources needed to manifest your goals and desires. These resources are states of being, guiding lights that lead you down your path to transformation. You must keep them viable and working. This is done by constant spiritual practice, which must be part of your morning ritual. You must step out of bed and begin to access these state, immediately. They are:

Clarity, the first of these resources, involves having discerned through attunement, what you desire to manifest in this realm. You have decided on a path and what you need to journey down it. Your mind is free of all fear, doubts and negative thoughts.

Confidence, as a spiritual resource, means that you have an unconditional belief that your desired manifestations are aligned with Higher Self and One Source. There is no doubt that you have discerned the best course of action.

Commitment involves an unyielding pledge to yourself to stay on your path, regardless of the intermittent ups and downs and hardships you encounter while manifesting your desires. You know that you have discerned the divinely appointed path and you will weather the difficulties involved and be blessed.

Calm, as a spiritual resource, relates to how you handle the difficulties associated with everyday life. You have to avoid being moved or blown off course by adversity. Great confidence can be found in anyone until they are confronted with hardships. 

There is a methodical way to access these inner states or spiritual resources. We all know that confidence, calm and any positive qualitative state of inner being can be fleeting in this 21st Century world. We need help to both access and remain in those states. They are inside of  you. You have to find them. Your mind and spirit have memories of the times you were on a roll, confident and everything was great.

 All you need to do is pick a particular event or period from the past, where you achieved a major goal and your confidence level was unwavering. Once you have done this, find a quiet place. Close your eyes and reflect back to that event. Begin to breathe, in and out. Make sure you inhale and exhale slowly, with no long pauses in between and your mouth closed. As you breathe, begin  to replay the event in your mind’s eye. See all the details involved from how you looked, where you were,  the people involved and what you achieved. Get a real strong and vivid visual of yourself. Add all the sites, colors, sounds and detail to this reflection.

 Once you have a strong visual and a feeling of confidence. Try to hold on to it-stay in that state as long as you can. It is important that you continue breathing with your eyes closed. As you hold this visual and continue breathing, begin whispering, “This is who I am. I am confident, capable and successful”. Repeat this at least 20 times slowly with conviction, while pressing the knuckle on your ring finger on your left hand with the index finger from your right hand. After 20 repetitions, open your eyes and slightly shake your body. Then repeat the exercise 4 more times. Remember,  open your eyes after reciting the affirmation 20 times, and slightly shaking your body in between.  Always pray and give thanks after this exercise. 

When you are finished, think of something sad or when you felt unworthy or not good enough. Then place your index finger on your knuckle as you did in the exercise and repeat the affirmation from the meditation. This should lead you back to a state of confidence. This exercise can be used to access and remain in any positive inner state. The body is a fantastic piece of physio-spiritual engineering. 

Anytime you were congruent in the pursuit of a manifestation, that means  you had accessed the states of confidence, commitment or any other spiritual resource. Once you have done this, you can access that state again and use it. Those are moments of power and excellence that can be recreated to use as resources in times of fear and doubt when actively manifesting. They are grand designs or blueprints to be archived in your individual consciousness and physical being to be used at 'Will'. 

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